Special Kids

Special Kids

Thank you for investing so much of your time and energy to a special group of children, so often ignored or, worse, shunned. The world is a scary place for those with special needs like autism, but for a moment in time, you make it seem normal. You capture the heart and soul inside a body that works differently from the majority of the world. I read a quote the other day that said, “Autism is not a processing error; it’s a different operating system.” Thank you, thank you, for getting that and working with it instead of against it.  -Cindy E.  >View Full Letter

I was hoping for a nice picture of my boys together, but what Christine gave me was so much more. When you have a child with severe autism in the family, the sibling relationship is very different and your hope is that they will be able to develop a relationship. The boys’ relationship is not built on words but one on kindness, patience and grace. They communicate through warm smiles, silly gestures and Michael is always looking for his big brother’s approval. I couldn’t believe that Christine was able to capture their relationship the way that she did. All the tenderness and love they feel for each other is captured in her pictures. I am so proud of those pictures! Other than my husband and my boys, they have become my most prized possessions.  -Melissa H.  >View Full Letter

Christine Gribble photographed my son, Nicholas, who has Down syndrome. I have hesitated taking him to an actual studio or place of business as he is not always cooperative. In general, people are not always understanding or accepting of special needs. Christine was incredible. Not only were her pictures of the utmost quality and truly amazing, but she was so good with my son. She offered to come to our home or meet at any location convenient for us. She was kind, patient and completely understanding of challenges as they presented. I think most importantly for me, I never once felt awkward or uncomfortable as some people can make you feel when you have a special needs child. Christine has an ease about her and goes with the flow. There were several moments when Nicholas became upset or shut down and Christine just took it all in stride. I actually wasn’t even sure that she would be able to get any good poses, but I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the pictures. They went above and beyond my expectations. I would not hesitate to have her photograph my son again in the future, and have already recommended her to several of my friends.   -Lori K.  >View Full Letter

We have two children that both are diagnosed with Autism. They are ages 5 and 7. To say that my sons are “busy boys” would be an understatement! They are very active and constantly on the go. They also struggle with understanding and following direction, which has always made getting pictures of them very difficult. The pictures Christine took really are beautiful and capture their spirit. Everyone that has seen these pictures has commented on how wonderful and magical they are. I am so grateful that Christine was able to not only provide us with wonderful pictures, but also a very special, stress free experience.   -Jennifer H.   >View Full Letter

My son and I had a wonderful experience with Christine Gribble. Alex is five years old. He is handsome, funny and precocious. He is also severely disabled with cerebral palsy. He doesn’t sit up independently, and he doesn’t walk. Christine handled all of this in stride. Christine arrived at our house (home visits!), scoped out the perfect spot, discussed a few arrangements and within a short time she was finished. She assured me there would be plenty of beautiful photos and she was right. The photographs are absolutely gorgeous and we’ve received rave reviews from family and friends. I will be using Christine again for a family portrait, and I recommend her without hesitation.  -Terry H.  >View Full Letter

My son’s Autism causes him to experience anxiety in public places he is not familiar with and to over-react to sensory stimuli such as noise, lights, and the like. Ms. Gribble came to our home and instantly made our son feel comfortable. She has a knack for capturing what’s already presented, rather than forcing things to happen. We are so appreciative of her talent, her flexibility, and her ability to sense what a child needs to feel comfortable. Without all of these things, we would not have been able to hang our first professional portrait of our son on the wall in our home. Priceless.  -Keli B.  >View Full Letter